Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Popular sequel in the GTA driver series


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  • Works under: Windows 8
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  • Program by Rockstar Games

The thrill and excitement of racing through the streets of San Andreas comes to life in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

This is the seventh installment in the popular game series and uses a third-person style. You play as CJ Johnson, a former gang member and car thief. After coming back to your former hometown, you learn that things changed quite a bit since you left. Your old friends look to you for help, and you must become a car thief and try to track down your old friends to win your city over.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is both a shooting and a racing game. Though you spend a lot of time racing around the city, you must also rely on guns and other weapons to steal cars, get rid of the cops and beat rival gang members. The game is unique because it gives you missions but lets you take your time completing those missions. You can do each mission as you receive it, or you can jump back and forth between different missions. Each mission you complete unlocks new vehicles, weapons and other features within the game.

In addition to completing missions, you can also explore the city within the game. Your character can actually interact with other characters, eat in restaurants and shop in stores. When you break windows and wreak other types of havoc, locals will call for help. You'll then need to race through the streets and avoid the cops and SWAT teams on your trail.

Many of the missions that you complete unlock new sections of the map. Those missions also give you cash that you can use to buy new vehicles or upgrade some of the vehicles you already own. While the game comes with more than 200 vehicles, some of those vehicles are bikes and smaller vehicles. Each one will help you in different areas of the map, including in water areas or on off-road courses.

The game also includes some new features not found in other Grand Theft Auto games, including mini games, home invasion tasks and gang wars. With the game wars feature, you must work with your own gang to kill members of another gang, and home invasion lets you break into houses in the game. Those features make Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas one of the best additions to the franchise.


  • Gain access to more than 200 vehicles, including classic cars, muscle cars and even bikes
  • Work on completing each mission on your own time
  • Extra missions and mini games give you hours of play
  • Complete missions to unlock new areas of the map
  • New home invasion feature lets you make extra money breaking into homes


  • Not as exciting as previous editions
  • Some missions are extremely hard to complete
  • Glitches require a patch to fix
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